Pompeian is the first national brand of olive oil to participate in the USDA's Quality Monitoring Program (QMP). Pompeian volunteers and pays to participate in this service that ensures that good manufacturing practices are maintained by routinely monitoring and reviewing production records and activity.

Officers of the USDA send bottled samples of Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil to USDA laboratories to undergo rigorous chemical and organoleptic (Smell and Taste) testing for sensory, quality, purity and origin, in accordance with the USDA standards grade to make sure that Pompeian is meeting their strict requirements.

The value of having the USDA QMP service is that USDA provides an independent third party assessment, which helps us inform customers about Pompeian's commitment to product quality. This also benefits the olive oil industry since it provides an additional guarantee that the olive oil displaying the QMP seal is under independent third party verification.

Look for the USDA seal on Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.