Late 1800's

The Pompeian Company was started in Lucca, Italy in the late 1800’s. At the time, the region of Tuscany was world renowned for its cultivation and production of olive oil.

Lucca’s close proximity to the port of Genoa made it an ideal international trading post, allowing the export of Pompeian Olive Oil throughout the world.

Early 1900’s

Pompeian appealed to the burgeoning European community in the United States and also to the many Americans who were just discovering olive oil’s good taste and culinary versatility.

Because of its early success in the United States, in 1906 a young entrepreneur named Nathan Musher purchased the Pompeian Olive Oil Company of Lucca, Italy and continued to produce olive oil in Italy and import it to the United States.

He also became famous for importing bulk olive oil and built warehouses in Genoa, Tortosa, Malaga and Baltimore. The warehouses were equipped with steel tanks, glass-enameled for the perfect keeping of olive oil. The warehouse at Baltimore had a capacity of a million and a half gallons of olive oil. At the time, this warehouse was one of the largest and finest in the world.


The Baltimore warehouse becomes the catalyst for the expansion of Pompeian. In the late 1920’s, because of turmoil taking place in Europe, the Musher family decided to cease production in Lucca, and move production to the Baltimore location where it still exists today.


In 1930, the company was sold to the Hoffberger family. This successful American entrepreneurial family had many packaged goods companies and were diversified enough to own an American icon, the Baltimore Orioles.

Under the Hoffbergers’ direction, Pompeian expanded nationally, making it the first national olive oil brand in history. In the 1940’s, Pompeian was promoted nationally and became a household word.


The company was propelled even further when the Moreno family of Spain acquired it in 1975. Already a leader in non-foods and foods such as olive oil, wine and other high-quality specialty items from Spain, they anticipated the emergence of the Mediterranean diet’s influence on the American palate, and recognized the significance of owning their own bottling operation in America.

The Moreno family realized that the purchase of the brand might serve to open up distribution to some of their other fine products, but more importantly, it guaranteed that they could import the highest quality olive oil from the Mediterranean region of the world, while still ensuring that the brand both met and exceeded all US health and quality standards. In essence, providing the American consumer with “the best of both worlds”.


In 2004, Pompeian moves all olive oil into plastic packaging, which dropped shipping weight and reduced emissions. By 2009, Pompeian is purchased by the Devico family of Morocco. The Devico family has been a leader in the food business for generations and owns the leading brand in Morocco called Aicha. Under the Aicha brand they produce everything from olives, jams, tomato paste, capers, red peppers, and much more. Devico’s true passion and expertise is producing exceptional olive oil which is extremely beneficial to the quality of the Pompeian brand in the U.S. In fact, Pompeian Extra Virgin Olive Oil became the first and only USDA quality monitored olive oil brand.